Older brother to Aysel Beechdale.

His mother worked in service while his father left shortly after his sister was born, working in the colonies and sending back money to support his family. Eventually this money stopped coming, to nobody's surprise, when he died in an industrial accident. Their mother died of a lingering illness when Tristan was 9 and Aysel was 5. Their aunt and uncle only had enough money to take in one of them, but Tristan begun serving at the same household their mother had.

He was known as a diligent and quick learner, somewhat bookish, reading in his spare time. He was clever enough that when he reached his twenties, the Polat household took him on as a tutor for young Serhan Polat. Looking after Serhan was a full-time job, and one that he was happy to do, working alongside his nanny. A year after he was hired, the Polat family took Tristan with them, moving to the Polat estate in the Wilds where Bayram Polat (Serhan's uncle) was helping to orchestrate a major strip mining project. The plan was to come back after a year, but the Polats abandoned him, citing a lack of money to bring him back.

As a freelancer in the Wilds, Tristan quickly found himself without preventative medication. He quickly contracted drover's cough, still infected to this day.

Eventually after five years of hard labor, he barely earned enough money to buy his way back to Tuzluka City. Now he is back, accepting his sister's invitation to live with her, though he insists on working despite his illness.

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