The Wilds are on one of the newest worlds to be colonized.

The equatorial belt, where the landmass resides, is tropical in climate with thick vegetative growth. There are some animal species there, but not many. Wisent - large bison-like animals - have been introduced successfully in captive populations.

The Wilds are prized not only for organic resources such as lumber but for rich mineral deposits. Currently most contracts are either for logging, mining, or ranching. Wisents are hardy and are often kept in large herds that follow the path of the loggers. The animals eat the underbrush, leaving it ready to be cleared for farmland.

Because of the nature of the work, diet in the Wilds is often calorie-rich, full of native fruits and animal products, especially Wisent meat and cheese. Gazal, a domesticated sort of caribou, are also common though more likely seen as 'luxury' draft animals (e.g., more like mules while Wisent are more like oxen).

The Wilds are thought of as quite dangerous thanks to a very public controversy over a native parasite. 'Drover's cough', as it's commonly known, was the pet charitable cause of the upper class roughly eighty years ago. The Council passed a rare law directly affecting the companies that work to colonize worlds, declaring that every company operating in the Wilds must give its employees daily treatment to prevent the disease. Companies have complied, although many charge for this in an attempt to continue nickel-and-diming their workers.

The vast majority of people in the Wilds are connected to a company, although there are some freelancers. These are generally regarded as social pariahs as many of them have broken contracts and are seen as flaky, lazy, and of ill repute. These freelancers can find work, although they are not afforded full employee status; most of the cases of Drover's cough are in these freelancers.

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