Most of the colonies operate under a strict class system.

The upper-class are somewhat rarely seen in colonies unless they are on their way down in the world. Old money is frequently starting to dry up, leaving some old families short on funds. Occasionally they can be seen even in the Wilds, supporting business ventures, or simply living where it is cheaper to support the life to which they are accustomed. Usually the upper-class have Turkish-like names, similar to the place names.

The middle-class - tradesmen and merchants - are a much larger group. Usually they are seen in 'middle worlds' and city centers where some development has taken place. In the Wilds some middle-class may become de facto 'upper class' or 'nobility' by becoming business tycoons, but they are looked down upon by upper-class on city worlds. Usually their names are more anglo-saxon in feel.

The lower-class are most commonly seen in the Wilds or hopping from colony to colony. Initially they were city dwellers bribed away with the promises of easy money and their own land. Now they may drift from colony to colony or even to the Wilds, fulfilling contracts of basically indentured servitude to companies who buy their labor. Some have made fortunes and moved up to the middle class this way, and there are plenty of opportunities to be a farmer, but many get stuck moving from contract to contract. Taking a job in a city, even as a servant, is seen as a major step out of the lower-class and into the middle-class.

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