Younger sister of Tristan Bechdel.

Taken in by her aunt and uncle once her mother died, Aysel had a fairly happy childhood. She was used to working at an early age, thanks to helping her aunt and uncle run their lumberyard business. Eventually she took over the business, selling it for a profit and using that profit to buy and stock Beechdale Dry Goods.

Although she was born Aysel Bechdel, she changed her name, as did her aunt and uncle. By changing her last name, she can more easily fit into the middle class.

Aysel's relationship with her brother is one that is slightly strained, mostly due to distance. Their aunt and uncle only had enough money and resources to take in one of them, and so Aysel went to live with them while Tristan worked as a pageboy. Although his life was busy and hectic, they did exchange letters, even if they only got to see one another around three times a year, if that. They were as close as possible, Aysel occasionally sending Tristan money.

As Tristan became a tutor for the Polat household, he became more and more involved in his work. When the Polat family headed to the Wilds, communication was too expensive to keep up. Aysel saved most of a year to send him one message by expensive hologram-video.

Although she loves her brother, she carries a substantial amount of guilt over the fact that he wasn't able to enjoy the same happy childhood.

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