Upper WorldsEdit

In Upper Worlds, alcohol is somewhat rare. Instead synthetic drugs are much more commonplace as they are easily synthesized. Often these drugs are served in drinks rather like absinthe, a cube dissolved into a strong-tasting drink, done by pouring the beverage over the cube which rests in a slotted spoon over the glass.

Most drugs used are mild hallucinogenics and depressants. All of these are legal within specified amounts. Driving or operating heavy machinery while intoxicated beyond legal limits is highly frowned upon and heavily persecuted. Much of the population nurses a steady addiction to one or more of these substances to the point where it is seen as normal (as long as kept within limits).

Alcohols such as wine are usually reserved for the upper class, who can spend the money to actually import them. There is an exceedingly cheap distilled liquor made from a variety of farmed algae with a high glucose content; it is often nicknamed 'pondscum' and lives up to this name.

Middle WorldsEdit

'Soft liquors' such as wine and beer are commonplace in Middle Worlds, due to their agrarian nature. Much of the surplus of fruit and grain harvests go to being turned into wines, beers and liquors. Most are undistilled. Hard ciders such as pear, plum and apple are very common, and most likely to be drunk with a meal. Wines are almost always sweet dessert wines, or dry enough to be considered port, and almost always come at the end of a meal. Sparkling wines and bubbly cider are often served for special occasions, coupled with sweet cakes.

In contrast to the Upper Worlds, drugs are rare. Most are derived from hallucinogenic mushrooms or tobacco-like dried herbs. A variety of tea plants high in theanine are especially prized and most commonly consumed in rolled cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. The drug itself is relaxing, and is slightly addictive, similar to nicotine. Right now on many Middle Worlds, tea cigarettes are extremely popular and are advertised to help all sorts of medical issues such as athsma and Drover's cough.

Despite the name, you would never want to make tea from the leaves used for tea cigarettes. Although they do smell of tea, if you tried to make a brew from one of the blends used for cigarettes, it would be completely unpalatable. The varieties grown for this purpose are quite different from regular tea and often have natural insecticide properties (similar to tobacco).

Cigarettes are not sold pre-rolled, but are sold as blends of leaves accompanied with rolling papers. Beechdale Dry Goods sells a lot of these blends, by the pound, though typically only a few ounces are purchased at a time. A large majority of the population carry small boxes with several compartments, one large compartment for loose leaves, another for matches and yet another for rolling papers.

Tristan Bechdel smokes tea cigarettes.

Lower WorldsEdit

Alcohol comes in short supply in Lower Worlds. Typically every piece of food is eaten either by people or cattle. Companies sometimes set up distilleries, using locally found and foraged fruits, in order to charge those working for them extra money. Occasionally some companies advertise a daily allowance of hard liquor as an incentive for people to sign up.

There is a coca-like plant native to the Wilds, similarly used as a stimulant by workers. Most workers harvest their own as it is considered a common weed. A crystalized, condensed version is available but very expensive and very addictive.

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